The Januaries Rick Boston Producer

Debbie Diamond Rick Boston John Nau Tobias Kroon Peter Smith

The Januaries Singer/guitarist Debbie Diamond “I was always trying to hide my sexuality before”, she admits with a casual laugh, “but the music we’re doing now is straight out of the bedroom”. After the Ghostyhead album and Tour Rick was looking for his next adventure. Enter, Mike Bosley, he had been a tour Mgr for Low Pop Suicide and wanted Rick to write with Debbie. They wrote the Girls Insane and the rest was hysterics. John Nau played organ on Suicide Ego on Low Pop’s “Death of Excellence”. He knew a trumpet player Mitch Manker and Debbie was thrilled. Herb Alpert was a 60’s sound that she thought would tie in nicely… “On our only east coast tour we played at the “Windows on the World” nightclub located on the 86th floor of the world trade centre. A few months later it was the target floor of the american airlines 9/11 attack. somethings are stranger than fiction”. No More Towers No More Januaries alas