Rick Boston Music Producer

More often than not I write with an artist and that leads to producing the track as I have peculiar traits and ideas that would not translate well to an outside record producer.

The Artist would sound “generic” i fear so I usually force at gunpoint the artist to work with me …did I say ME ! The song Usually dictates the production sound so it all starts there… My God is The Song.

Della Swiss 2015 Beacon Street Studios
Della Swiss is Rick Boston and Chauncey Jacks. There songs have been featured in motion pictures television and commercials. Most notably Dove Bar commercial “Only You”. And Tiffany & Co “out Of The Blue”


2014 The Shy Boys are Rick Boston and David Baerwald.

Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds 2014 New West/ Spitfire
Rick Boston co-wrote and produced with Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds.
Steve Lindsey and I spent a year handcuffed together and 1 of the more memorable projects was Alice Cooper and Band in my Culver city rented 1100 sq ft house . Not much to look at but it was near “Johnnies Pastrami” and I took Alice there a few times and rocked the biker waitresses worlds but that was about it’s only selling point That aside we hunkered down and slammed out the album Dirty Diamonds to the this day have no idea why the police did not shut me down I reckon Alice is a Contributor to Police Charity’s….good fun and thank you home depot for the many packing blankets.

The Januaries

2000 Foodchain Records
The ’60s-pop-inspired alternative band the Januaries features vocalist/guitarist Debbie Diamond, guitarist/programmer/producer Rick Boston, keyboardist/programmer John Nau, bassist Tobias Kroon, drummer Peter Smith, and trumpet player Mitch Maker.

Rickie Lee Jones

I was performing in a small coffee shop on Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood or there abouts. And as I began to strum my guitar a woman stood up and walked out. I took it as an omen .. The next day a woman called and said she was Rickie Lee Jones and apologized for leaving so abruptly. She was experiencing a sneezing fit ..She asked me over for tea I complied. We played some guitar and became fast musical friends. It is precious when you meet someone who can play anything , and they go with you. Her and I had that. The Horde festival was coming up and we formed a band Rami, Rick May and a Jazz drummer whose name I can’t remember. We jammed through a dusty summer with the likes of Lenny Kravitz and LeftOver Salmon. Then we made an album at Conway recorders. I had an MPC 60, it does short sample bytes. Rickie had been in the studio for months just being Rickie and putting hours of ideas on tape. I quickly realized that ideas were not her problem editing was. So i requested one night alone with the second engineer Barry Goldberg. We combed through musical treasures and I assembled Little Yellow Town. RLJ came in the next morning and said can i hear what you spent my record companies money last night. She sat at the console, as Barry hit play on the 32 track digital “TAPE” recorder. She smiled, turned and asked me to “make her record with her “. To this day my most terrifying and proud moment; Ghostyhead oh Ghostyhead…

Numb Rick Boston

A collection of acoustic versions of my power trio Low Pop Suicide songs I was sent to london to perform acoustically in clubs. the local solo performers handed me my head on a platter night after night I learned the hard way that if you get up there alone you had better deliver a lesson i will never forget the title was about loss, eventually you just become Numb

Low Pop Suicide

Dave Allen ,Jeff Ward , Melle Steegle, Ron Stone ,Gold Mountain Mgmt World Domination records tour busses, Vans, Shitty Clubs, Big Venues, MTV, Radio, big Rushes, Huge disappointments, girls, no girls, Tattooed Rough Boys in Black t shirts, Seattle Chicago we did it all the Best Time EVER oh ya Goatees.

Lowen & Navarro

Dan and Eric My best friends band mates in 20 times Uncles to my daughter Lauren taught me how, and more importantly WHY to write songs RIP Eric David Lowen.

Sky Cries Mary

Seattle Tattoos ecstasy Great groove music for white Vampires.

Hand of Fate

WTG records Terry Gladstone John Keck Rick may Jerry Angel an attempt at popular Rock …… good songs nobody much cared ,oh well met Ian Gardner boutique audio.

Belinda Carlisle