Smile by The Shyboys

The Shyboys are Rick Boston and David Baerwald.

smile by the shy boys from the movie homefront

HOMEFont Millennium Films

Released 2013
Staring Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, and Kate Bosworth
Directed by Gary Fleder
Box office $43 million Budget $22 Million

Shyboys Rick Boston David Baerwald

Long Time friend and Late night socio political bourbon sipping guitar playing co-conspirator David Baerwald and I were asked by director Gary Fleder to compose a dark and troubled end title theme to his Film Homefront not a stretch for David at all. He found me an old Califone turntable to play my guitar through; a sound to remember. Check out “SMILE” from the film for the tone of which i Speak